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Jeff Newell

Director of Illinois Community Colleges Online

Illinois Community College Board


Chair, ILCCO Steering Committee

Kona Jones

Director of Online Learning

Richland Community College


Technical Support

Brian Kai

Web Learning Specialist

Lake Land College


Faculty Inquiries

We sometimes receive inquiries from those seeking online teaching opportunities. ILCCO does not hire faculty directly. Courses shared through ILCCO are taught through the originating community college and teaching opportunities occur through those colleges. A list of Illinois community colleges is available at the Illinois Community College Board website here and college HR websites are listed here. A review of online courses and programs available in Illinois is available at the Illinois Virtual Campus and may help in finding institutions teaching in specific fields.

Student Inquiries

We sometimes receive inquiries from students seeking information about online courses through ILCCO. ILCCO operates as a behind-the-scenes mechanism for colleges to share online courses with each other. ILCCO does not offer courses itself, as an institution does. To look for available online courses in Illinois, check the Illinois Virtual Campus website. It is a catalog of available distance learning courses. It also provides contact information to the institutions.

A listing of online courses shared through ILCCO member colleges is available in our ICE database. Click on the link for "Full Course Listings" to search for available courses. To take advantage of shared courses through ILCCO, you will need to be registered at an ILCCO member institution that participates in course sharing.

Links to all of the Illinois community colleges can be found at Many of the colleges offer fully online degrees and all have a broad range of online courses. You will need to register at a specific college and work through them.