Are you a student looking for an online class?

Illinois Community Colleges Online (ILCCO) is a consortium of Illinois community colleges sharing online courses and programs with each other to provide students additional opportunities to meet their educational goals. While ILCCO is not a separate institution that offers courses, we work with colleges behind the scenes to help them serve your learning needs. ILCCO allows you to work through your local community college to register, pay tuition and get a transcript while taking courses from other colleges. A list of available ILCCO courses at participating institutions is available [HERE].

Additionally, links to all Illinois community colleges can be found the Illinois Community College Board web site at This resource page will allow you to investigate specific colleges.

General information for students can be found at ICCB's student information page at, including a directory of programs,, available at Illinois colleges.

As you investigate your options, we strongly encourage you to speak to a counselor at your local community college. The counselor is the best source of information for helping you assess your needs and finding the right course or program.

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